Proprietary Sourcing Model

100% of TVV’s prior investments were achieved through direct, non-shopped sources at attractive multiples. TVV maintains a proprietary sourcing and tracking database of over ten thousand qualified prospects; has fine-tuned an efficient and effective lead generation, screening and diligence process; and, has established a market reputation for highly-customized “seller-friendly“ approaches that emphasize senior manager level interactions with sellers at every step of the process.

  • Direct Sourcing

    TVV’s proprietary, direct-sourcing deal model, led by a co-founder of the firm, serves as a strategic advantage for TVV’s investors and for business owners seeking a timely exit or business expansion.

  • Niche & Specific Industries Targeted

    TVV leverages its experience and expertise in acquiring niche manufacturing companies to specifically target industries and businesses that align with TVV’s investment criteria.

  • Partnership Driven

    TVV’s team of skilled professionals contact business owners directly, offering a collaborative and confidential partnership-driven process. This relationship based approach moves forward at a pace determined by the current ownership team.

  • No need for brokers, No Third Parties

    Business owners work directly with TVV throughout the entire process. TVV buys companies with its own funds, eliminating the additional fees from brokers or other representatives.

  • Business ownership transition aims for maintaining workforce

    We have experience managing relationships over multiple years and processing transactions with a high degree of urgency. TVV prioritizes the goals of the business owner, is known for keeping companies and workforces intact, and enables equity participation for continuing management.