Investment Strategy & Criteria

The Fund’s investment objective is to generate superior, risk-adjusted returns by capitalizing on the substantial illiquid market opportunities among small, well-managed and profitable businesses; leveraging TVV’s proprietary sourcing strategy to capture highly-qualified targets in a fragmented, inefficient and overlooked market; and, applying time- tested LBO value-investing approaches to maximize investment returns.

  • Revenue

    $10 – $150 Million

  • Enterprise Value

    $10 – $100 Million


    10% or higher, preferred

  • EBITDA Margin

    10% or higher

  • Cash Flows

    Positive and stable

  • Profitability

    Consistent and Documented

  • Assets

    Leverageable and Solid

  • Management

    Strong, Reliable and Consistent

  • Niche

    Market Awareness and Platform

  • Identifiable

    Growth Path & Exit Opportunities