Our competitors announce your sale to the world. Not us.

Not only will other private equity firms publicize their acquisitions with press releases and online announcements, they’ll also ensure that your company’s Google results are filled with links to articles about the sale of your company. New and potential customers will see it, competitors will leverage it, and current and future employees will consider it. That’s why we stopped publicizing our acquisitions in 2015 – because we’re committed to guiding you through the least disruptive investment process possible.

That said, we’re proud of our deep experience and expertise investing in and growing manufacturing companies. In fact, in our 25-plus years of investing – through challenging market cycles, recessions, and more – we’ve never lost a company to bankruptcy.


  • Precision Sheet Metal Fabricator

  • Packager of Spices and Dry Granulated Products

  • Designer and Manufacturer of Metal Forming Equipment

  • Wet Process Equipment Manufacturer (Semiconductor)

    Extensive servive capabilities, branded product, clean room

  • Returnable Packaging Solutions And Mold Manufacturer

    Solution approach, high service levels, integrated offering

  • Manufacturer of Life-Saving Equipment For First-Responders

    Protective solutions, training, innovation

  • Manufacturer of Industrial Mixing Solutions

    Integrated marketer and producer

  • Manufacturer of Mining Equipment & Related Accessories

    Specialized heavy equipment manufacturer

  • Electric Boiler Manufacturer

    Industrial capital equipment

  • Processor of Poultry And Other Protein-Based Products.

    Grocery, Branded Product, Copacking

  • Plastics Joining Equipment Manufacturer

    Proprietary technology

  • Processor of Pork And Sausage Products

    Custom solutions for restaurants

  • Plastics Joining Equipment Manufacturer

    Application expertise

  • Telecommunications Product Manufacturer

    Line switching equipment

  • Plastics Joining Equipment Manufacturer

    Proprietary technology

  • Manufacturer of Marine Control And Safety Equipment

    Product innovation, service capability

  • Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturer

    High quality, technical applications

  • Manufacturer of Returnable Packaging Solutions

    Design solutions

  • Mold Manufacturer & Service Center

    European presence

  • Manufacturer of Returnable Packaging Solutions

    Dunnage production

  • Agricultural Tillage Manufacturer

    Low till and no-till specialist, production agriculture

  • Aerospace & Sporting Goods Parts Manufacturer

    Highly efficient, standardized processes

  • Agricultural Tillage Manufacturer

    Delta region specialists

  • Plastics Joining Equipment Manufacturer

    Tooling capabilities, global service capability

  • Custom Sheet Metal Manufacturer & Electromechanical Assembly

    Integrated solutions provider