Melissa Hodges Smithson, Business Development Manager

Melissa Hodges Smithson

Business Development Manager

Melissa Hodges Smithson leverages her extensive medical research, sales, and leadership background in her business development role. She excels as an effective communicator and leader and prides herself on her ability to forge relationships and build rapport through trust. Melissa values integrity, compassion, and genuineness in all her business transactions. These principles guide her in creating lasting, meaningful relationships in the professional sphere. Before joining TVV, her career was dedicated to therapy development and increased access to healthcare solutions. She earned her Bachelor of Science from Vanderbilt University and remains actively engaged with the alumni community. Melissa currently serves as co-president of the Vanderbilt Nashville Alumni Chapter, a role that highlights her commitment to giving back, staying connected, and networking. Outside of work, Melissa is passionate about traveling and exploring new places. She enjoys home projects with a do-it-yourself spirit and seeks opportunities to channel creativity. Above all, she cherishes time spent with her family and their beloved chocolate lab.

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